We are General Contractors providing Home building, Remodeling, Construction Estimates and Commercial Services Napa, Sonoma, Marin, and Solano County. Even though still considered a fairly young construction company, starting with small home renovation in Napa and Solano, in only a short time, we have had the ability to rise to great heights, Serving Marin and Sonoma County in addition, As well and even competing hand in hand at times with some of the most reputable and well established contractors in the Area for some of the largest, most complex jobs. How did we do it? Innovation and Technology. We are on the forefront of possibly the most technologically revolutionary time in history, not only in the the world, but specifically in construction. However, even with this technology so easily at our fingertips, most contractors are still using old construction methods and practices, not just in trade, but in estimating, project initiation and project delivery. With our technological implementation, we are able to not only streamline and run projects in a more organized manner, but we have been able to increase quality, production, delivery, communication all while also making our rates even more competitive. Giving clients the biggest possible bang for their buck.


Carlos Barragan Jr.

Carlos Barragan Jr. was born in Maryland where at the age of 3 Moved to California to be Raised in Napa, CA. Carlos as well as his brother were exposed to construction at a very young age also helping his father on a regular basis with his various construction projects. Carlos Jr. was a builder at heart and even at a young age would construct carpentry project on his spare time from well constructed forts to intricate bike jumps. However, Carlos’s construction skills really came to light at the Start of Vino Design Build, when he found himself managing some of the biggest project in the neighborhood. To date Carlos Jr. Has Independently Managed, Estimated, Coordinated, and, Produced Projects of varying Degree from Large scale Commercial Renovations, to Residential New Constructions and Additions.

Daniel Barragan

Daniel Barragan was born and raised in The Napa Valley. Daniel has been around construction his entire life growing up with a father who was very actively in the trades. At only 12 Years old Daniel was already helping his Father with small projects on a regular basis, doing basic carpentry, tile work, and general labor, but through the years Daniel has proved that age does not determine skill, quality, expertise but Focus, Drive, Discipline and Determination do. To date Daniel Has Independently Managed, Estimated, Coordinated, and, Produced Various Projects of Different magnitudes from High End Commercial Luxury Hotel Remodels to Large and Small Residential Home Remodels and Renovations. Daniel Specializes in Marketing, Sales, Estimating, and Project Management, but oversees all company operations along side business partner and brother Carlos Jr.