A small accessory dwelling unit

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Pricing Plan

Standard ADU Pricing can drastically change depending on accessories and materials

1. Initial Consultation
Schedule: 1 Day

crop faceless multiethnic interviewer and job seeker going through interview

Discovering Your Needs

Discussing project goals, preferences, and reviewing potential designs.

2. Design Phase
Duration: 3-4 weeks

house floor plan

Drafting Plans

Creating detailed plans and 3D models customized to your property.

3. Structural Engineering
Duration: 4-5 weeks

Set of 6 rolled up blueprints for a residential and commercial construction project in sonoma and napa

Engineering Calculations

Ensuring structural integrity with expert engineering assessments.

4. Title 24 Compliance
Duration: 2-3 weeks

Green Sustainability Building Eco friendly homes

Meeting Energy Standards

Preparing and submitting Title 24 reports for energy efficiency compliance.

5. Permitting
Duration: 4-8 weeks

Napa Sonoma Design Consultation close up photo of an architect planning a schematic diagram

Securing Permits

Navigating local regulations to obtain necessary building permits.

6. Contract Approval
Duration: 1 Day

person signing document paper

Finalizing Details

Reviewing and approving the contract to ensure all terms are understood and agreed upon.

7. Preconstruction Meeting
Duration: 2-3 weeks

Planning Execution

Finalizing construction plans and timelines with all involved parties.

8. Site Preparation
Duration: 1 week

black claw hammer on brown wooden plank

Laying the Foundation

Clearing, excavating, and preparing the site for construction.

9. Construction
Duration: 8 weeks

photography of black power tool

Building the Structure

From framing to roofing, watch as your ADU takes shape.

10. Interior and Exterior Finishing
Duration: 4 weeks

tools on the floor White tile and some pliers in red. from a renovation project ongoing work.

Adding Character

Installing interiors, exteriors, and fixtures to finalize the look.

11. Utilities and Integration
Duration: 1 week

photography of man repairing electrical wires

Utility Setup

Connecting water, electricity, and internet services to your ADU.

12. Final Inspection and Handover
Duration: 1 week

a contractor checking the socket

Final Walkthrough

Ensuring everything is perfect before the final handover.

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