Asked Questions

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General Information

Who is Vino Design Build?

Vino Design Build is a premier design and construction company based in Napa, specializing in customized residential, commercial, and winery Construction projects.

Where does Vino Design Build operate?

We primarily serve clients throughout Napa Valley and the surrounding regions, focusing on delivering high-quality design and construction services.

Design Services

What types of design services do you offer? We offer a wide range of design services including interior design, architectural design, landscape design, and custom designs for renovations and new constructions.

Building and Construction

What construction services do you provide? We handle all aspects of construction, from new builds and renovations to expansions accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and Wine rooms and Winerys

How long does a typical construction project take? The duration varies based on the scope and complexity but we provide a detailed timeline before the project begins to set clear expectations.

Project Management

How do you keep clients updated during the construction process? We provide regular updates through emails, meetings, and our client portal where you can see real-time progress on your project.

What happens if I want to make changes during the project? We are flexible and can accommodate changes at certain stages. Changes may affect project scope, cost, and duration, which we will discuss and agree upon.

Costs and Financing

How are project costs determined? Costs are determined based on the project’s scope, materials selected, and labor requirements. We provide a detailed estimate after the initial consultation.

Do you offer any financing options? Yes, we partner with financial institutions to offer financing options. Please contact us for more information on how to apply.

Permitting and Regulations

Will Vino Design Build handle all the necessary permits? Yes, we manage all permitting processes and ensure that all aspects of your project comply with local regulations.

How long does it take to obtain permits? Permitting times vary by locality and project complexity. We will provide an estimated timeline once we have all necessary project details.

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