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Custom Home Design & Build

Whether you already have a design, plan and budget, or if you haven’t even boughten land yet, we can help you through the thick and thin. We can provide services for home building, construction estimates, design, permitting, and even furnishing and decorating. Although we started in being a Napa General Contractor, we have branched out services to serve Solano County, Sonoma County, and Even Marin County. 


Kitchen and Bath Remodels and Renovations

Kitchens and Baths are not only some of the most personal spaces in the home, but they are where most spend a large portion of their time, thus the reason we spend so much time on the design details for each. These are areas we want you to be proud to show your friends and family or simply something for you to admire for years to come.

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Complete Single or Multi Room Remodels and Renovations

There comes a time in every home when a good renovation is needed, be it out of necessity, Safety, or simply the want for something new. At times we Renovate some the most outdated and damaged houses, other times a simple facelift is all that is required. When it comes to acting as a Napa, Sonoma, Marin, and Solano remodeling contractor we make sure to provide the high quality the beautiful areas deserve. 


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s)

Thinking of Starting an Air BnB or just need some extra space for friends and family? Building an ADU can not only increase your properties value and give you some extra space, but it can actually be a great investment for additional income! Napa, Sonoma, Solano, and Marin Counties usually have limits on ADU permits, so get yours before its too late!


Project Management

Handling Contractors, Material Vendors, Inspections, Permitting, Code Regulation, Project Quality, and Site Safety is overwhelming to say the least and more than often at the end of it all you’re left over budget and with sub par quality. Let us not only save you time and resources, but also the stress and frustration all while exponentially increasing quality.


Residential and Commercial Design or Redesign

When working with Architects or Designers, more often than not, there seems to be discrepancies with what the architect or designers has estimated the cost at and what the builder will actually build it for. A big upside to working with Design and Build company is that we are able to design with extreme cost accuracy because the people designing it are also the ones who will build it, saving you not only stress and headaches, but time and resources too!


Home Additions

Whether you plan to build an attached fully livable ADU or simply adding a an extra bedroom, living room or bath. We can provide you with the extra space you want or need. Some of our first home building projects in Napa and Solano County were actually home additions, so when it comes additions you know you are in good hands.


Design and Build Custom Decks

From a backyard patio spa deck, to an extensive cliffside deck overseeing your view, Our capability to construct custom decks is vast and our quality unparalleled. We can help with the design, permitting and construction of your dream deck.


Water, Fire, Smoke and Earthquake Damage

When it come to nature vs your home you can almost always bet nature will win. We help with not only the reconstruction of your home or living areas, we even help deal with some of the most difficult insurance companies and ensure that you are properly compensated for the reconstruction of your property. Recently there has been large fires in Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Solano County. A large portion of our current projects are actually Napa and Solano fire restoration projects, but our natural disaster projects range from Marin all the way to Sonoma County. When it comes to restoration you can count on Vino Design Build


Commercial Remodels, Renovations, and Build-Outs

Although Commercial may not be our main focus, we still do it, and we do it well. We have our fair share of experience Renovating, Remodeling and Constructing Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Wineries, Barrel Rooms, Medical Clinics as well as other commercial and business areas.


Interior Space Conversions

Have some extra space for a bathroom or 2nd Living Room? Want to convert your Attic or Garage into a Living Area? How about converting a simple Closet into a bathroom? We can do it all!